Sunday, October 03, 2010

savory sundays

For many years, I worked with a lovely man named Jim. He was probably the kindest and most generous man I've ever known. Thoughtful and caring. Always brought us treats and beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts that were lovingly purchased with each recipient in mind. He was the office big brother and we all adored him. When he lost the battle with liver cancer, it was the loss of a family member to us.

In our office, we enjoy a good potluck. In honor of our Brother Jim, who adored a potluck, someone always makes his famous Crab Dip. This Crab Dip was a potluck tradition in the office and when we got it without a potluck attached, it was an extra special treat. One of the highest fat/calorie recipes, but oh, so delicious! Never a bit of leftover to take home either, dangit! Simple and wonderful... just like Jim. Enjoy!

Jim's Crab Dip

one brick of Philly cream cheese, softened
one cup of Best Foods Mayo (Hellman's in the south)
one can of crab - or use fresh crab if you have it
chopped dill pickle
minced onion
garlic powder

Mix well and let chill for a couple hours to let the flavors meld. Serve with ritz or other crackers you enjoy. "Real" potato chips are pretty tasty with this one, too.

- never substitute another brand name for the cream cheese or mayo. Not the same taste at all and no one likes it near as much when it happens!
- everything in this recipe is "to taste". If you like more crab, add it! If you like only a tiny bit of chopped dill pickle, use only a little bit. I prefer double crab and an extra dash of garlic and onion in mine.
- don't use garlic salt. Between the crab and the crackers or chips, you don't want the extra salt.

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...may there be mercy in the breaking of bread at your table..

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Beth F said...

Not only does this sound delicious but I love the story that comes with it. A perfect way to remember such a special person.