Saturday, October 30, 2010

filling our time

Once again, I'm knitting in the hospital. Waiting for a hospice meeting and for the Man to bring lunch. My precious father-in-law dozes much, so the knitting keeps my hands and mind occupied. I'm making a lot of progress on this project.

My heart is not making much progress on acceptance, but I fake it well in public. Being told it's just a few weeks is hard.

...may there be mercy and peace for each of us as his life unfolds...


Carolyn said...

My heart aches for you and Jim and more so because I got to meet your sweet father in law at your wonderful 50th birthday. He is such a kind and thoughtful man with a wee twinkle in his eye and reminded me so much of my Dad; with that old-school gentleman way that sadly is rarely seen nowadays.

I smiled at you knitting to keep your mind and hands busy (what a gift learning to knit has now become for you dear one) because I spent my days at mum's beside working on an embroidered cross=stitch Birth Sampler for Alex's Aunt and Uncle who were expecting their first child (the symbology not lost on me I might add) but it was a great comfort - the busyness of the craft to keep me distracted from facing the reality.

Hang in there dear friend and wishing you mercy and peace in the days ahead and loving thoughts for your father in law.

Eleanor said...

Goodbyes are hard, hard, work. I'm so pleased you have found a way to just sit quietly. I do hope that whatever you are knitting is something that you intend to keep. Much, much love.