Sunday, October 24, 2010

knitting in the ER

Once again I am grateful that my friend Patty has taught me to knit. Being in the ER with my precious father-in-law requires something that is calm and soothing to my emotions. When he is in pain, it shatters me.

And all the while he keeps his adorable sense of humor, cracking jokes with nurses, doctors, lab techs and us. He keeps living his life, no matter what.

We got a scary diagnosis earlier this week. Precious father-in-law has 3 tomors in his lungs and 2 on his liver. Most likely cancer. He had a liter of fluid drained off his lung and it seems to have come back. Not good.

If this is cancer, I recognize that I am so not ready to face the pain ahead of us. I don't care that he is 87, and I truly do know that he cannot live forever, I'm just not ready.

And we wait in the ER.

...may there be mercy and peace for each of us as we face our next steps in really living life...


Karen :) said...

Praying for peace for sweet Fil, Jim, and you during this process.

Carolyn said...

Hugs to you dear friend, Jim and to your sweet father in law.

Gosh hon, there is never a right time for a loved one to leave us but my prayer is that this latest setback with FIL means his time to go is a long way off.. a very, very long way off.

I guess when the going gets tough; the tough get knitting... hang in there