Monday, July 12, 2010

quilt therapy

Some days I just need to quilt. Really. Need. To. Quilt.

It's great therapy for me. Time spent thinking about the person - known or unknown - who will be the recipient of the quilt I'm making. Prayer time. Time to sing to whatever music is playing. Time to listen to an audio book.

Sometimes it's just time for me, doing something I totally enjoy, not taking care of anyone else.

I got a little of this time today. Not as much as I wanted, but it was really good for me. In the process, I realized that it's been almost 3 months since I've had time to quilt. Far too long! That will change.

...may there be mercy in creative therapy.

1 comment:

Karen :) said...

Creative outlets are therapeutic. And when we are unable to do our "therapy" for whatever reason, we miss it. Glad you had your creative time today!