Friday, November 16, 2007

random miscellany

A little random miscellany...

--got new glasses yesterday. The new frames appease my way-too-big vanity while the new prescription lets me see again. I like both parts of this equation.

--a co-worker has terminal pancreatic cancer. His wife also is a co-worker. A couple weeks ago I was convicted that he needed a quilt to keep him snuggled and warm during his last few weeks... hoping for a couple months. Raced to get a very simple quilt done that still felt like I put my heart into it to make it a pleasing combination of fabrics. Great for a guy to enjoy while he is still here, but pretty enough that his wife will enjoy it as a memory after he is gone. I called this quilt Simple Comfort because it was made simply, but with many prayers for comfort. Yes, I raced to get it done... and felt peace when I very privately handed it off to my boss for delivery to our other office. (Had the boss deliver to the wife because she is still working.) The sweet note I got from her yesterday telling me that she came down from upstairs to find her husband sleeping in his chair, wrapped in that quilt, moved my heart in ways you cannot imagine.

--my sweet husband gave me a gift of an iPod Nano the other day. It was totally unexpected and actually made me cry. Mostly because of what he had engraved on it... but also because of the tone in his voice when he told me the why of the gift. I love this man so very much and thank God for the lovely gift of him in my life.

--no layoffs at work this week! Business is very slow and many of us are expecting a layoff to happen at any time... and to anyone. It's Friday and we did not have a layoff this week. I'm grateful!

--24 working hours until vacation!!!

--listening to my iPod and hearing Nat King Cole sing "Ramblin' Rose" makes me smile. My sister and I used to sing this at the top of our lungs when we were kids. I get to see my sister in 11 days!

--seeing the completed quilt for my sister. She thinks that I'm coming down to San Diego because we will all be celebrating Mama's 75th birthday. Yep, we will be doing that. But we will also be celebrating my sister's 45th birthday. Everyone knows about the quilt except for my sister. The surprise will be quilt fun for us all!

...may there be mercy in the bitter and the sweet of my miscellany.

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