Monday, November 19, 2007

3BT week

One of my chief complaints is that we have stopped being a thankful people. We skip straight from Halloween to Christmas without a pause.

Hey! Wait a minute!

There is a whole 'nother holiday in there. It's called Thanksgiving.

In honor of being thankful, this week is a 3BT week here for me. Yep, 3BT all week. Please join me. I'd love to hear what simple things in your life give you pleasure... and be thankful with you for those things.

1. a heavy handed neck massage during physical therapy.
2. tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich for lunch, sitting inside warm and snug while watching it rain.
3. a great big hug from a 6-year-old friend.

...may there be mercy as we are thankful.

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Melissa said...

Well now, I am up for the challenge - at least for today:

3BT - Tuesday 11/20/07

1. The kind sheriff's deputy who went out of his way today to cut me some slack that I didn't deserve.

2. The sweet sound of a dear friends voice keeping me company on the road this morning.

3. The kisses and cuddles that I had to endure tonight from my sweet Jazzie while he sprawled on my lap and watched tv with me.

Love you babe, and thanks for making me stop for a minute and be thankful :)