Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Continuing to be thankful, appreciative and sharing three "moments" in my day... join me!

1. hearing my sweet husband laugh out loud at a joke.
2. lunch with friends.
3. going to a hair appointment and coming home with a dramatic change.

...may there be mercy as we are thankful.


sen5ei said...

my three for today:
1.my principal who can write funny emails about stressfull things in school

2.clear weather to walk before school

3.the little kids in my apartment building who want me to continue to play the Dixie Chicks loudly

Melissa said...

my three for today:

1. Waking up with my sweet dog snuggled against me.

2. The beautiful smile on my daughters face when she walked in the door at my Mom's house just now.

3. The obvious relief on Mom's face after clearing out her attic and garage of things that were weighing her down.

Love you babe, and when do I get a picture of drastic???