Wednesday, November 29, 2006

fabric, fabric everywhere

With the crazy winter storm we've been having... during my vacation... I've been spending a lot of time quilting. Since I lost 3 months of prime quilting time for Christmas gifts, this is not such a bad deal.

Freezing and beyond freezing outside - 6 degrees with the wind chill yesterday! - so what else would I be doing?

It would be nice to go to the museums in Seattle or over to the San Juan Islands with our cameras, but since we can't, we're just enjoying the absolute rest of this down time.

Since Monday, I've made 2 lap quilt tops, gotten those 2 plus a twin-sized quilt "quilted" on the long-arm machine my friend has, a 4th quilt is almost completed with the quilting process here at home, all the binding has been done, and tomorrow I'll start on a quilt for my sister-in-law for her Christmas gift.

It's been a very productive vacation!

...may there be mercy and plenty of fabric.


Pastor Paul said...

Ummmm... should you be advertising what you're giving your sister-in-law where she can read it?
Yes, it's snowing here, too. I love it. Makes it hard to visit students, but is otherwise so much fun.

auntie-c said...

Thankfully she doesn't know I've got a blog!