Monday, November 20, 2006

cultivating an attitude

I'm sure it's been noticed that I'm being a bit repetitive with my "little things" blogs. When I find that I'm stuck in a funk, it helps to find those simple little daily things that lift my spirits.

I've also noticed that we skip straight from Halloween to Christmas without pausing to enjoy being thankful... as in Thanksgiving Day. Somehow the celebration of Thanks got changed to a celebration of a well cooked turkey and a lot of side dishes, each containing butter.

So the rest of the week, while I'm still home and have access to my computer, the blogs on little things will continue... helping me to cultivate that attitude of being thankful.

  • lunch with a friend.
  • strength for the day.
  • my sweet husband's smile.
  • not being rained on!
  • laughing with co-workers.

...may there be mercy and an attitude of thanksgiving.


SuziQoregon said...

I LOVE your little things lists. It's so important to stop and be thankful for those :-)

Reading your lists makes me think of my own little things from the day too.

CANNOT WAIT to see you on Friday!!

auntie-c said...

Thanks... and I cannot wait to see you, too!

You're one of the "things" on my list, dear one. ♥

sen5ei said...

cultivate that attitude!