Monday, September 04, 2006

Queen of Klutz

Stanley Park Seawall... lovely place, eh?

Note the great walking trail closest to the water.

Red painted line separates bikes/skaters to a separate trail.

Benches are on far side of bike trail.

Run fast between bikes to get to bench to change camera battery.

Trip on uneven and odd height curb between trails.

Fall flat out in front of God and everybody...

Land on both knees, both hands and wrists... and camera.

Cause two strained knees, a severely sprained right wrist and a massive hematoma to the incision site from the recent surgery...

... that bursts open from the pressure about 2 hours later, gushing blood everywhere.

Try to get into a Canadian ER... hahahahahahaha!!

Drive to the border holding tightly to your breast, crying because your right arm and left knee are in terrible pain.

Pray as the customs agent/border patrol guy stares in your car probably worried about what terrible person has hurt you... and looking at your sweet husband like he is a monster.

Drive another 30 minutes to St. Joe's Hospital ER in Bellingham, still clutching breast to keep pressure on the incision to keep bleeding under control.

Wait in ER with 45 other people for 90 minutes before being called to the back... still clutching breast with all the dignity one can muster.

Explain to the 5th person, finally a doctor, what has happened, who finally gets the bleeding to calm to a minor, but continual ooze.

45 mintes later, x-rays indicate no breaks in wrist or knee... but lots of swelling in both, plus other knee.

Big splint on wrist, instructions for ice and immobilization... and no quilting for another 2-3 weeks... crap!!!... and painkillers... and then we are off to drive another 45 minutes home... and finally my own bed.

At least my camera still works!

... may there be mercy and I heal fast.


Pirate Bendy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pirate Bendy said...


Me favorite Saucy Wench is broken :-(

Some people should never leave their houses (or beds for that matter) without proper padding.

Kind of like Randy in his snowsuit in A Christmas Story.

Karen :) said...

~c, hon, you should NEVER wear flats! Hope you heal fast!

eleanor said...

Two words --


Now tell us whose comments you deleted. Those are always interesting...

auntie-c said...

no idea on the missing comments... whoever it was deleted it themselves!

I'm likin' the duct tape concept...

gotta go patch up the oozing again.

Pirate Bendy said...

The missing comment was mine - Pirates can't spell

Judy said...

Poor C! I am so sorry that happened!


hope you're feeling much better today!

sen5ei said...

I am liking the comments almost as much as the original tale of misery