Wednesday, September 13, 2006

new verdict

So... I go back to my doc and get new x-rays today. Still clear and no break in the wrist. Apparently, based on the exam, I've torn a ligament.

Another two weeks in the splint... no quilting... no camera... no nothing... ugh!

At this point, I can't even open a bottle of wine on my own!

I keep reminding myself that it will heal... it will heal... it will heal...

...may there be mercy!


SuziQoregon said...

That's what husband's are for - to open the wine.

Karen :) said...


Actually, ~c, hope you heal fast. But I would let DH open the wine for awhile!

Maybe you should reach HIM how to quilt. ;)

auntie-c said...

LOL at both of you!

Can't even use the "I'm cooking here!" gig because I can't use the wrist for cooking!

Gotta come up with a new line...