Tuesday, July 16, 2013

train dorks

Yes, we are total train dorks!  

One of our favorite trains to both ride and chase is the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway. For several reasons, we stayed in Durango an extra day. Part of it was a bigger break from being on the road, another part because we adore steam trains so much that we wanted to be able to get pictures of this one in a variety of types of light.

Early morning, just before it left the station, another kind stranger took our picture. We did return the favor, then spent an hour talking with her and her lovely family. Discovered much in common, and despite the fact we never exchanged names, we did determine that we share a common faith. I'll enjoy knowing more about her later, in heaven. 

Wish you could hear the engine chuffing and the whistle blow. Sounds we love! 

This Engineer was not into having his picture taken that day, but finally decided that I would keep shooting until he at least looked my way. Can you see the "just get it over with" look?

 The Brakeman was intent on his duties, as he should be on a moving train! 

 After the train left the station, we wandered into the museum. Of course the maps caught my attention. This one was hand drawn on linen. It's part of the original survey.

 The museum was filled with trains and train memorabilia. This poster amused me.

As we wandered the museum, we discovered that they also had a behind the scenes tour of the train yard that would start in 5 minutes. We quickly joined that tour and had quite a time seeing things that aren't part of the normal public venue.

Then, time to wander downtown Durango. I almost stopped inside here, just because one can't truly ever get away from work, even while on vacation.

 However, the Man convinced me to go have lunch and a beer instead.

We eventually wound our way back to the station to catch the train as it came in, late that day.

The next morning, we got to ride the train! Here are some views from the ride.

Just after leaving Durango, the train follows the river and begins to climb on the journey toward Silverton.

As the grade gets steeper and we climb, the river falls below.

 Soon, the cliffs appear.

At this point, the drop is around 300 feet. We are in the last car on the train, so the view is amazing. 

And then I turned to the guy sitting next to me to comment about the beauty. He stayed nodded off for about half the trip! 

There was a break for lunch in Silverton, then on the way down we had a short stop to take on water. The stand of aspen here was so pretty!

This is the opposite view, train going down, at the point of about a 300 foot drop down into the river.

Train dorks are happily stuffed with train memories and will head toward Utah in the morning.

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