Monday, February 04, 2013

random thoughts

random thoughts to get me back into blogging mode again...

- not broken was a lovely, lovely phrase after my repeat x-rays. While the wrist is still achy, and overuse makes it downright painful, as long as I am careful, it can be used in moderation. Time will get me back to normal.

- depression has the ups and downs as I work out of the pit. Lately it's been down, but I know that seems to preceed a bigger up as it usually is a time of processing.

- knitting, oh, happy that I can return to my needles as knitting is a form of therapy for me. Besides, I've got a sweater in the works that I'd like to wear soon. During the superbowl yesterday, I did try a little bit of work on that sweater. Found that I can knit for a little bit without pain, but there is a fairly short time allowed yet.

- bible study group has been studying the beatitudes and it's been a great study so far. Discussions have been open and more vulnerable than before and there are bigger connections within the group.

- work, yep, still extremely behind and should have already gone in to work overtime today. Tomorrow will show that back into the mix.

And speaking of work, I'd best get there now!

...may there be mercy and a bit of happy random today.

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