Saturday, December 22, 2007

time to rest

Interesting that I'd say it's time to rest when everyone is gearing up for the last harried and hectic time of the holiday season. Stress abounds around me...

... and I'm on vacation!

Right now I could be totally stressed out about the fact that every single one of my family's Christmas gifts still sit in their respective bags. Unwrapped. In my not decorated for Christmas living room.

In Washington.

Not in San Diego where my they should sit, gaily wrapped, under Mama's Christmas tree.

I could be stressed out about that, but I'm not.

Another thing that could stress me out right now is that part about my not yet decorated for Christmas living room. But I'm not stressed about that either.

Have I moved into "Bah! Humbug!" land? Nope!
Have I shopped for the special meal items yet? Nope.
Have I shopped for my sweet husband's Christmas gift yet? Nope.
Have I planned anything special yet? Nope.

Normally this would make my blood pressure rise and my back hurt from the tension. Not this year.

Instead, I'm simply enjoying the Christmas Season vicariously. The herniated disc in my neck makes the actual physical doing of much of the stressful items simply impossible. So I'm enjoying the decorations in the places I go. I'm enjoying watching others do all the stressful things. I'm spending the time resting and enjoying being with my sweet husband.

Yep, we're on vacation together!

Originally we had planned to go away for the entire week. Something about the fact that my precious father-in-law is now 85 is holding us back. We want to spend time with him. We know each day that we have with him is a gift. We're taking time to enjoy each day's gift of him.

So instead of stressing, I'm focused on family and rest... and loving that those are wonderful gifts this Christmas.

...may there be mercy in our non-stressful celebrations.


Melissa said...

Leaving the stress outside the door and just enjoying your loved ones is truly a gift that you have given yourself sweetie!


Carrie said...

Yeah, what she said!

Beautifully put Ms M.

Some of my fondest Christmas memories are ironically the ones where my mum dragged us kids to the local old folk's home when my Dad was doing double duty on Christmas Day at the airport and we celebrated Xmas by working, and serving food to others. Ironically it was less stress for my mum not to host Xmas Day and her gift to herself every couple of years!