Friday, December 14, 2007

checking in

Just a quick check in so folks don't fret because if I go too long without a post I get emails! Love you guys!

Health: herniated disc in neck... big, major OWIE! To quote my sweet 85 year old father-in-law, it hurts like dammit! You know it's bad if I don't want to even attempt to quilt... and I don't. Had an MRI on Wednesday. Should have gotten results today, but doctor had a family emergency. Will get results next week.

Family: still need to finish writing up my travel log from San Diego, but everyone is okay. Sweet husband and I are looking forward to a week of vacation together over Christmas week!

Work: greatest Board of Directors! Gave us a generous bonus in spite of the fact we are at 1/3 the profits of last year. A lovely vote of confidence for the employees and a wonderful morale booster.

Holidays: yep, they are there! I've got a lot to say about the holidays and the "I got" syndrome. Later post will cover it.

...may there be mercy as we plow through "normal" during the busy-ness of December.

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