Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well Gang... apparently in honor of the day, it being National Nurses Day and all... I have managed to need to see a lovely nurse named Amber at our local doc-in-a-box. No idea the name of the nice doctor I just saw, but the nurse was very cool.

Probably because she called me a trooper. ;-p

Also probably because she was soooo gentle with me when cleaning off all that blood... and while telling me that I won't be sewing or quilting for a week or two. I think she knew that would be the more painful part!

Oh... ya wanna know what stupid thing I did?

Managed to cut off the side/end of my finger (including a chunk out of the side of the nail bed) with my rotary cutter while cutting a piece of batting for the purple quilt that I am making for a friend to take to chemo treatments.

Ding-dang-dumb thing to do. I always check one extra time before cutting to ensure that I do NOT do this... but got in a hurry.

Just really glad I reacted so quickly and did not get blood on the fabric.

...may there be mercy and a fast healing so quilting can be resumed!


Jennifer Olwin said...


That hurts to think about :-) Hope it heals quickly! I miss you too. We'll have to get together again one of these days.

sen5ei said...

EWWWWW! and so glad the fabric was safe

Karen :) said...


Glad it is healing! Hope you are back to quilting soon!