Thursday, December 22, 2005

Set Backs

Mama says big brother slept most of yesterday and today... which is a set back. I hate medical set backs. Have had enough of them myself that I understand 'em. Don't like 'em, but understand 'em.

I think it's a result of, and a response to, the CT scan he had yesterday. Body has to adjust to, and deal with, the dyes used, eh?

All I know is that I want him well enough to talk to me... so I can tell him how badly he scared me and to knock this sh*% off!

When he was awake, his step-daughter told him that SHE was the spoiled princess of the family and that he was to knock this off because he was taking the attention off of her. Big brother smiled at that. He knows his kids well... and I love that comment from her!

The good news is that he will still be here for Christmas!

Continued prayers for mercy on my big brother.

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