Monday, January 09, 2017

joyful memories

Tonight, after a lovely dinner out to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary, we sat and listened to the audio of our wedding. Holding hands, playing the game of "remember when..."

It was wonderful.

Dementia has taken so much already from the Man, and from me, that those moments when "remember when" isn't painful... well, there just isn't any middle ground. When it isn't painful, it's fabulous.

He remembered exactly who sang at our wedding. He remembered the name of the song that was sung while we took communion. He remembers the Pastor who married us. He remembers the incredible steak dinner we had that night at the hotel. He remembers so much of that day.

What a gift on this anniversary.

Yes, I would marry him all over again, even had I known that we would face infertility, depression, PTSD, loss and dementia.

Because we faced all of that together, and we fight it all...  together.

That's what love does. 

And when he can't remember, I will remember for us both.

...may there be mercy and more days of memories to treasure together.

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