Friday, January 18, 2013

icy places

It's been cold here lately. Usually 27 degrees overnight. Cold temps that are just not fun, and require a level of caution when walking anywhere.

Last night, as I left my counseling appointment to head over to my bible study group, I slipped on the ice and fell, landing on my left hip and right wrist. Picked myself up, dusted myself off, well, with the help of a friend who was there, and headed off to our study.

By the time we arrived, it was apparent I had done more than land on my asspirations.

Nice that my bible study group meets in the home of a doctor and nurse. In fact, the home of MY doctor and his lovely wife, who is a nurse and precious friend.

They checked me out, got me dosed with ibuprofen, some food and a splint in no time. Doc said I needed an x-ray, but it was okay to wait to morning and go to his office. That made me happy because ER visits just suck and our group is doing a study right now that really interests me.

Today, it still hurts. A lot. While the x-ray doesn't show it at this point, Doc says "assume broken" as the presenting pain denotes a navicular break - apparently a spot that is hard to see a break on x-ray.

Now there is a giant splint that takes away any use of my right thumb. Repeat x-ray in 2 weeks since that is when it will be easier to see as the body's healing process has started. 

The worst part?  No knitting... dangit.

There goes the sweater I hoped to finish and wear by next month.

...may there be mercy and less pain soon.

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