Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The chariot did swing low and carry Dad home today. His suffering is done. He is at peace in heaven. I'm sure he's starting the party himself.

Dad passed peacefully just before 4, his children surrounding him (love that even though I'm the daughter-in-law, I've always been one of his kids) with words of love and encouragement for his journey to the next life... the better life.

The Good Book does say "blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."

I told a friend tonight that we feel this strange split personality thing going on. A part of us is so terribly sad that he is gone from us. At the same time, a part is rejoicing that he is not suffering and that he is in heaven. It's an odd feeling, I have to admit.

...may there be mercy and comfort in our grief...


Eleanor said...

Cheri, When my grandmother died I was privileged to be a witness to her passing. It had filled me with dread, but there was something about being there that actually gave me great peace. My Grandpappy had died many, many years before, and her best friend had died not too long before, and it was as if I could hear them saying, "What took you so long?"

Every exit is also an entrance, and I hope you take comfort in the idea that there was a great love waiting for him to walk through that door.

Karen :) said...

Dear Cheri,
I think most Christians have those split feelings. Your sadness is for what you are going to miss. The joy is for what he is gaining.

And, there is a peace to being able to be there and witness the home going. I was there when my mama passed and it was wonderful to see her face at peace and not lined with pain.

Prayers for all of you as you face the days ahead.