Saturday, November 29, 2008

quick thoughts

Quick thoughts for this evening.

Kim's party: huge success. Huge. In spite of tacky and rude people. I let all that go and just celebrated my friend and the fact she was well enough to enjoy her party. Everyone had a great time.

Thanksgiving:  fun time in spite of the change in plans. We did not go to Portland as is our usual custom. Our friend's son is deployed and the daughter-in-law is far too pregnant to travel that far and also chase her 18-month-old daughter. So we met at the daughter-in-law's house and brought the party to her. We did all the cooking and cleanup, but there was much love and laughter. It was good.

UAQ: thanks to the ladies at Kim's party, I got a solution to the UAQ and am hoping to finish it soon. It will always be the UAQ in my eyes, but at least it will be the completed UAQ!

Like I said, it's quick tonight. I want some of our usual Saturday night "man, movie and wine" time.

...may there be mercy and joy in the quick moments of life.


Anonymous said...

UAQ what was the solution? Hav

auntie-c said...

Change out a couple of the squares, replacing with a different fabric that's "close", close my eyes and sew the dang rows together, quilt as desired and bind with the weird deep blue with silver sparkly fabric.

Sounds like not much, but with the UAQ up on the design wall where we could see it, it works.

I still don't like it, but it will work!