Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It really all boiled down to this one question:  would you sign an employment contract that clearly stated your employer could - at any time and for any reason - give away your job to someone who did not even work at your place of employment? (It's called outsourcing.)

Of course you wouldn't.

Sadly, the media did not talk much about this part of the Boeing strike. They consistently reported the strike as "issues of wages and medical benefits."

Thanks much, media. Would you have signed that contract with your station?

Yes, negotiating a good financial and benefit package was important. It is in any contract negotiation. But this time it was more important to negotiate the actual jobs, the job security issue and keeping those jobs for employees who actually work for the company. The folks who made them so very profitable. Oh, yeah, those guys.

Thanks to the media almost non-reporting of this most important part of the reason for the strike, I've had 53 days of verbal abuse by a boatload of folks. 

No, I don't work at Boeing. Never have. But my sweet husband does. And yes, he has been on strike for 53 days and counting.

The most recent abusive comment to me:  You guys are just greedy, selfish bastards! You should be grateful to have any job at any pay in this economy. What gives you the right to strike against your employer? Do you realize how many people are losing their jobs and taking cuts in pay? Greedy sons of...

Well, you get the general drift of that one. It went on. Sadly, it was another comment from yet  another friend. I didn't even respond. I was too tired of being the punching bag for the anger of those who didn't care to find out if there was another side of the story.

Thanks much, media.

For those who don't know, yes. I actually do understand all too well the fear behind those comments.  Come Friday, my own job may be cut or my pay cut. We will find out at a meeting that day. With my health, the most important part of everything is the issue of health insurance availability. Currently our insurance is held with my job, so it's been pretty dang scary at times. But I am trusting that God will provide for our needs. It's what I believe. It's what I'm living.

As of last night, a tentative agreement has been reached between the Boeing Company and the Machinists Union. In preliminary information, it's looking pretty dang good for both sides. As soon as we get a full copy, we'll read the fine print to be sure. But from all the reports, it's looking like it will be a winner.

It's been interesting lately. A week or so ago, I moved into "refuse to discuss" and self protective mode. I know people are simply scared and taking it out on me. I'm trying to avoid damaged relationships, so I won't talk about it with anyone now. Hoping that once the guys go back to work, people will focus on something else and we can move past the hurtful things said.

...may there be mercy and a grace in forgiveness.


Karen :) said...

The nerve of some people! And to take it out on YOU???
I was once "threatened" when I was out in Mississippi Power & Light (that first owned Grand Gulf Nuclear Station) company T-shirt.
(((HUGS))) and lots of prayers going up!

Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Good heavens ... it's hard to believe how low-minded some people can be. Didn't anybody's mommy ever teach them manners?

Asking employees to sign a contract guaranteeing the right of the employer to outsource is a bit scary. The media lies or misrepresents EVERY time they talk about anything I know anything about (don't get me started on the Catholic Church or Harry Potter or Sarah Palin). And I can't believe people would take this out on you or even your husband. Even I know enough about labor unions to know that decisions aren't made individually.

Dear Auntie-C, I'm sorry you've had to take such wicked nonsense from people. It's also good to hear that things just might be on their way to a fair resolution.

Pastor Paul said...

My brother used to work for Boeing. I learned much about the politics of strikes. You're quite correct that there are always at least two sides to the strike, if not more. I don't remember my brother ever being a part of a strike, but even when he talked about them, it was rarely about money. Hang in there.