Sunday, March 09, 2008

normal life

So... ummm... yeah, it's been a while.

A lot has been happening and yet, nothing more than normal life.

At the same time, normal life is a wonderful thing.

Here's an overview of stuff. If you are interested in more detail on any of these things or anything else... email, call or sit down over coffee with me. Y'all know I love to talk. Besides, it will give me a chance to catch up on you - which is more important to me anyway!

• Health: Neck is doing better after a series of trigger point injections and some really good physical therapy. Yep, that's injections, plural. Lots of needles (with medicine in them!) stuck into my neck, shoulder and upper back. During the sticking... a bit on the "OWIE" side. Within a couple minutes, waaaaaay less pain and I'm liking that! The best news is that so far this year I've not gotten the terrible congestion-type crud that has been making the rounds at my office.
• Work: mostly equates to same stuff, new day. Nothing terrible, nothing wonderful... but that's actually kinda cool right now. At the same time, we are really hoping for it to get busier soon.
• Family in San Diego: Mama and sisters are fine. Big brother continues to do well in spite of the toll his illness took on his body. Next brother is holding on, but barely. His life is horrible right now, but he is chosing to stay where he is in order to have a positive influence on his young son, age 6. I bless him for this choice... and worry about him for it at the same time. Last brother has deliberately chosen to go back into the drug culture and is using again. I'm really, really pissed off at him. Long story. Since it was a deliberate choice, I'm pissed.
• Precious Father-in-law is doing well for an 85 year old man. We spent the evening with him recently and just enjoyed our time so much. He makes me laugh!
• Sweet husband is delightful. He bought me a new ring to celebrate our 20th anniversary... and it's stunning. We put the diamond from my original engagement ring into it. He was so cute and had such a sweet grin on his face when he slipped this new ring on my finger. Gosh, but I love that man.
• The timechange will take a few days for us to acclimate. I've never done well with the spring loss of an hour. Takes me longer than most folks to get over that exhausted feeling of getting up earler.

And... thanks to that timechange issue, I'm exhausted and going to stop rambling for tonight.

...may there be mercy in our normal life issues...

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Scootah said...

"Normal life is a wonderful thing." Isn't it? Love this blog for so many reasons~ You're my soul sister, you know that - right? We have similar family issues, except that I don't have a sister - however, I have no doubt whatsoever - if I did, she would be like yours. And this is my 20th year of marriage. I, too, want to take my diamond and update it in a new setting - we need to talk about his one, friend.

Beautiful BLOG. Thanks for the comfort in knowing a have a friend across the country that's "just like me."