Sunday, February 03, 2008

one for me

According to my sweet husband, I've made quilts for everyone in this solar system and then some... and it's about time that I made one for myself.

He's cute, but he tends to exaggerate a bit.

In spite of his exaggerations, he's right in that I've made a lot of things for other people. I've only made things for myself if it was for a particular class in order to learn a particular technique. I had not taken the same amount of time and care and love to plan a quilt for myself.

This afternoon, I finished the first quilt simply made with careful planning, designing and love for ME. It's wonderful and makes me smile.

The fabrics were mostly gifts, with a couple that I found to add into the mix. The black and white theme is what I'm changing my house to be... all black and white with my quilts, my husband's trains and our photographs to add color.

In this black and white quilt, there is a bit of purple sprinkled in. The purple speaks to me in many ways. The biggest heartspeak is because it was a gift from a dear friend.

When I wrap myself in this quilt, that purple reminds me that she sends big hugs to me... and that makes me happy.

...may there be mercy in the warmth of my quilt and my friends.

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