Friday, April 06, 2007

voice from the past

About 15 months ago, I was told that a certain person was dying. She was undergoing chemo to treat an aggressive series of cancers. Note the plural... cancers.

This sweet lady was my insurance agent... and a friend from Weight Watchers... and a simply lovely person. Every time I saw her, it was a good conversation and I left feeling good about something.

Then she got cancer... again. She'd had cancer previously and dealt with it courageously.

She dealt with this cancer with equal courage. The last time I saw her, she was not feeling well at all, but fighting hard.

A few weeks after that, I ran into her boss, who told me that she was dying. Sad, sad, sad... but recognizing that she would no longer be in pain. I missed the funeral notice (which happens frequently with me) and just prayed comfort for her family.

I've driven past her office many times in the last 15 months. Each time I do, I think to myself... I miss her.

Today she left us a voicemail!!!

When I listened to the message, I just looked at my sweet husband in stunned disbelief... she didn't die... she's alive and we just had no idea since we hadn't run into her anyplace in town for that whole 15 months!

I'm anxious for Monday so that I can return her call and find out what happened. And to tell her that I am so very glad she's still here.

...may there be mercy and joy in good news.

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Karen :) said...

Oh my! I got a "thank-you" card from a "dead" man once. He had AIDS and was in the hospital, not expected to live. I had sent him something prior to his hospitalization. About a week later, I got a thank you note from this man, who went on to live another two years!