Thursday, February 15, 2007

blah, blah, blog

yep, I'm boring lately. Nothing much happening... and everything is really normal here.

Work is busy enough and I'm bugged on some issues that I won't discuss in a public forum, but nothing really awful.

Computer issues have kept my sweet husband busy trying to get our wireless network set up... without much success!

My sister has finally contacted an attorney to deal with her abusive (about-to-be ex-) husband.

Dear friends and my quilting both make me smile.

...may there be mercy, many smiles and a LOT of boring this year.


Jennifer Olwin said...

Boring is highly underrated :-D

I hope things are going well for you, my friend!

Tina said...

About to be ex!? Oh, honey... wow. I was thinking about you lately, miss our wendy's date :) LOVE your new room! Sorry about your sister, thanks for sharing.