Monday, November 28, 2005

Disjointed Thoughts...

This is a jumble of disjointed thoughts tonight.

Heading to sleep... flying out in the morning to finally meet my aunts and my friends. I'm excited and wonder if I'll sleep at all.

Oregon was a blast, as it always is. My friends are amazing people who welcome us with joy and fun every year. The 3rd Annual Day After Thanksgiving Breakfast was a wonderful time of chatting, laughing and comfort foods.

Today was a lovely time over lunch with my mentor and dear, dear friend. I love vacation time when I can have a leisurely lunch with her and not have to race back to the office in an hour.

Snow expected tonight, which makes me nervous for the drive to Sea-Tac. We have to get up so early already to get there in time for checking in. Thank goodness I only do carry on luggage.

Sleep calls... may there be mercy...

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