Sunday, September 23, 2007


too much stress... not enough fun... tired and crabby girl.

Work tomorrow. Ugh, but only because I'm simply not rested enough!

Wishing for more time off now, but waiting for the next trip... soon! Gosh but I'm excited to see my friends.

Did something weird to my neck a couple weeks ago and can't get it to stop hurting. Tired of pain at this point... and yet it isn't really something serious. Just frustrating.

But for now, sleep awaits.

...may there be mercy and rest.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

beginning anticipation

Yesterday I drove 2 hours to have lunch with a couple friends. I do this several times a year. It's the halfway point between the most northerly person (me) and the most southerly person (Q). Some folks I know think I'm nuts to drive that far just for lunch... but these people are sooo worth the drive.

It's interesting how online friendships go. I've been a part of online groups that have failed... spectacularly. Having been part of a successful online group for several years now, I'm still finding that my friends and family are not completely understanding how cool this particular group is... and how unusual it is in that we have not had a major implosion.

Yes, there have been some folks who have joined us and some who have left us. Those who have left us have done so for a variety of reasons, but we haven't had a major fight break out as a reason to leave. Those who have joined us have done so because their observations lead them to want to be a part of this very special group.

The group is diverse as to geographic location, marital status, beliefs, having small kids or grown kids or no kids, religious point of view, politics and everything else. We don't always agree. We simply allow one another to be who we are.

Yes, there are times when each of us does something to bug the snot out of the others. And then there are moments where the outpouring of love and care is so tangible that it moves me to tears.

Some of these folks I've met in person. Some I've been corresponding with for over 3 years and am so anxious to meet.

Which will happen in 5 weeks!

We set a date and a place near the middle of the country to make it easiest for the most people to make it. Looks like about 15 of our group will be converging that weekend... how cool! And a week ago we booked my flight. I'm so excited to see these people!

For me, seeing some of them will be that first time squealy huggy... oh my gosh I can't believe I'm finally meeting you!... kind of meeting.

Some of them will be that long hug which says I've soooo missed seeing you in the last 1 (or 2) years!

Doesn't matter that we talk on the phone or write daily... in 5 weeks I get to see faces and get hugs.

So very way cool!

...may there be mercy in our anticipation of this fun!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

back in the saddle

Started doing ding dang exercise once again... at 5 a.m. UGH!!!

...may there be mercy and perseverance in the early hours.